Unintelligiblistic Art

The art-like patterns that I photograph are definitely not perfect. They are imperfect. So, I initially used the term “Imperfectionism” to classify the patterns of art in my photographs. I also called myself an “Imperfectionist” in my role as the photographer of such art.

After thinking about it some more, I realized that some of the patterns that I photograph are also hard to understand, or unintelligible to those who see the images for the first time, and from some angles and directions. This made me decide that I should use the term “unintelligiblisticism” to refer to the genre of art that I photograph.

The images in the photographs can also be referred to as “Unintelligiblistic Art”.

As the photographer of such art, I would be referred to as an “Unintelligiblistic Artist”.

The inherently unintelligible nature of the art necessitates the use of one’s mental powers such as, but not limited to, observation, focus, visualization, creativity and imagination, to make the images intelligible. The mental faculties of viewers will be sufficiently exercised as they attempt to understand the “Unintelligiblistic Art” that are a part of the “Art That People Step On” collection of photographs.

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